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Liimu is an entrepreneur and mother of four who has lived by spiritually centered principles to start her company with no business training or experience. Since that time she has learned first hand the power of mindset and a value oriented approach to life. She believes that every journey is a co-creation with the Divine, and that we each have our own unique path to follow that we can find through accessing our intuitions.

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Public Speaking


Excerpt from Liimu's 10 Minute Speech — Click Here to watch the full version.

How to Manifest Quickly Using the Law of AttractionMomStar Podcast
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ZOOM Interview

Liimu answers an employee's questions during an Intuitive Leadership mentorship session.

She speaks on intuition as Divine guidance that is unique to each individual.

Documentation Trifecta Presentation

How can leaders manage their employees and operations efficiently and effectively without micromanaging or over-delegating. This presentation shares the streamlined method Liimu has developed to do just that.


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