About Beloved.

Our mission is to guide every person who comes into contact with Beloved toward healthy community, self-love and love of others. We aspire to helping individuals to see themselves as an infinitely valuable part of a whole and healthy world. Integrity, purpose and love are the foundation of everything we do.

Our Companies.

Safety, Training & Consultation

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Abundance Mindset Coaching

LSM Consulting provides expertise and knowledge in the areas of documentation and training for the pharmaceutical industry and other highly regulated environments. We work directly with clients, providing best-in-class services and solutions associated with larger agency support, combined with the personal touch and cost-efficient solutions that only a smaller, streamlined organization can provide.

RISE. is holistic (mind, body, and spirit) abundance mindset coaching methodology which helps people shift their perspective to start living their most divinely inspired lives. 

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Worldwide One Woman Show Incubator Experience

Ready to bring your story to life on stage? WOWSIE is a year-long incubator program for aspiring solo show creators. Participants are guaranteed the opportunity to develop and perform their solo show in Philadelphia, and in their own town, if they so choose! 



Liimu McGill

Founder & CEO

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Liimu McGill is the founder and CEO of Beloved Enterprises, a parent company to LSM Consulting, MomStar, and the BEST Foundation. As a result of her passion for building relationships that matter, leading intuitively, and marrying her work to a higher purpose, her businesses have thrived and served many people in producing their best work and creating their best life. She is the author of the books The MomStar Manifesto and the forthcoming Intuitive Leadership. Liimu currently resides in Malibu, California with her husband and four children.